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Dat24X6 Vs Proliant 5500

Mark Fitch
Occasional Advisor

Dat24X6 Vs Proliant 5500

I have a customer who has a Proliant 5500 and an HP Surestore DAT24X6. These two pieces seem to have never gotten along. The tape library has been replaced 3 times, the controler at least once. It is still under warranty but the owner isnt sure it is worth the trouble or cost to find out solution. Has anybody heard of this or have any ideas? He is looking at a DLT single, any recommendations? thanks in advance.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Dat24X6 Vs Proliant 5500

we can not help you without technical informaton provided. Please post here SCSI controller customer uses and LTT support ticket for autoloader . What do you mean 'never worked'? What's exact problem? You replaced SCSI controller and the drive. Did you try replacing cables and terminators? Updating SCSI controller bios and drivers?
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Dat24X6 Vs Proliant 5500

Is it possible to connect the library to another host, the problem may be on the host side or perhaps cable or SCSI-terminator.

If you consider a DLT as replacement, have a look at the DLT vs80 for ProLiant.
Neil Ryan

Re: Dat24X6 Vs Proliant 5500

The recommended HBA for the DAT 24x6 is an Adaptec AHA-2940UW (HP p/n C7458B).

It has a 32-bit PCI interface with a 68-pin HD external connector.

You want to ensure that Multiple Lun support is enabled in the SCSI BIOS as well as Wide Negotiation.

Set the Sync Transfer Rate to 10.0

Ensure that the drive is properly terminated, there are no bent pins on the cable or terminator.

Make sure that there are no other SCSI devices on the same scsi bus as the Autoloader.

Clean it once every 20hrs of tape pulling?

Am I forgetting anything else??? Time to go home, good luck, maybe someone else can fill in what I've missed.

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