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Dat72 compression

Tim Stainton
Occasional Contributor

Dat72 compression

This subject has been raised by other people before, but I am still unclear as to the way forward.

I am using an external SCSI C7438A Dat72 drive on Windows SBS 2003 using Backup Exec 10 SBE. When installing backup Exec, I chose to use their drivers and had not previously installed the HP drivers which came with the tape backup unit.

Everything works fine, but selecting to use hardware compression appears to be no different than selecting no compression at all and I can get no more than about 33GB on the tape.

I have loaded the latest LTT software, updated to the latest firmware, enabled hardware compression and the tests show that I am getting 2.2:1 compression.

What I refuse to believe is that with a wide range of system files, Exchange files and general Word and other database files being backed up, that the actual compression on a real backup can be 1:1. There has to be something which although Backup Exec appears to allow me to use hardware compression, in fact it is not.

Can anyone suggest a way forward or further tests I can carry out?

Occasional Visitor

Re: Dat72 compression

I've exactly the same problem . Have you find a solution to fix it ?

Please help me.