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Dat72 with Windows 2008


Dat72 with Windows 2008

I have a problem i had tried to install my storage unit DAT72 im my server HP Prolaint DL380 G5 but i cant; i installed the driver, tested the unit with HP L&TT and worked, it passed all tests but i cant see the drive in my computer
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Re: Dat72 with Windows 2008

Tape drives don't show up like hard drives or CD-ROM drives do.

Can you see the DAT drive in Device Manager? If so, you're ready to go.

You should have gotten a copy of HP Data Protector Express Single Server Edition on CD with your tape drive. Install and register that, and you can use it to perform backups and recoveries for the system it is attached to.

If you don't like Data Protector Express, you can choose to buy anyh of the host of other available backup applications that work with tape drives.
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