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Data Compression TRU 64

Ramchandra Pawar
Occasional Contributor

Data Compression TRU 64


I got MSL 6060 tape library with ultrium 2 drives ,with hardware compression enbaled on it .When i take backup thru veritas netbackup data centre on windows systems the compression is taking place correctly.But same thing is not taking place on TRU 64 operating system.The hardware compression is disabled automatically when i issue a tar command or start backup from veritas netbackup on TRU64.Can i know why the hardware compression is getting disabled on drives ?.

Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Compression TRU 64

Some tips for tape device files used with tar
tape0 :Default density
tape0c :Default density with compression
tape0_d0 :Density associated with entry 0 in /etc/ddr.dbase
tape0_d1 :Density associated with entry 1 in /etc/ddr.dbase

What is the device file you are using..?


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Abdul Rahiman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Data Compression TRU 64

Use the tape0_d1 device for enableing hardware compression.
on v5.x systems, use /dev/ntape/tape0_d1 and
on v4.x systems. use /dev/nrmt0h
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