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Re: Data Protector 5.1 Error

Sooraj P
Occasional Advisor

Data Protector 5.1 Error


I have been getting the below error in one of my backup sites regularly and I am not sure whats worng. The library is a SSL2020 and the software is Data Protector 5.1 backing up windows servers. The error is intermittent as I have had a few successful backups in between. Please can you advice what is causing this error?

[Critical] From: "AIT1" Time: 30/05/2008 19:41:40
[90:154] Partial write of a block.

Re: Data Protector 5.1 Error

I would suggest loading a cleaning tape and perform cleaning since AIT has writing heads in helical pane -> a lot of wear/tear.
Anyways the result load some of the error reporting media and check with LTT - write/read test.
If you have media.log enabled in /options/global you can check for media write/read statistics in media.log.

Are both tape drives reporting the error?
omnirpt -report backup_errors -time 500 500 -level major |grep BMA