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Data Protector 5.5 device interface with Windows 2003

Gene Hernandez
Occasional Contributor

Data Protector 5.5 device interface with Windows 2003

I got failed backup jobs with (90:1004), (90:59), and (90:64) errors appearing when backing up with Data Protector 5.5 over FC SAN using MSL6060 with 4 ultrium drives. System event logs show the following:

The device 'HP Ultrium 2-SCSI SCSI Sequential Device' (SCSI\Sequential&Ven_HP&Prod_Ultrium_2-SCSI&Rev_F43W\4&d3c2a5d&0&010) disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal.

I have 8 servers functioning as backup server. I went to each server (Windows 2003) device manager and rescanned hardware and all tape devices came back. Restarted the failed job and completed ok.

What would cause the devices in device manager to be removed by plug&playmanager? What is the reason that even though they are disabled, they are still necessary device for the backup interfaces to work?

Please explain.

Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector 5.5 device interface with Windows 2003


Some things to check:

Make sure that the Windows drivers for the medium changer and tape drivesare disabled in the Windows device manager.
Make sure that the Removable Storage Service is disabled too
Disable the HP Fibre Array Monitor Agent in HP Insight Management Agents.

Check also once the FW levels of the NSR router and library.

best regards,