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Data Protector Express 3.10-sp4


Data Protector Express 3.10-sp4


It seems as if the backup is working. But I am not 100% sure.

1. Is there a description where I can find all my questions I have considering the attached file?

2. If not.. could you please help me by answering me the following questions:

a. Did it back up all the files on the server except the ones below "Objects"?
b. What does it mean and how important is it to fix it?
- Below "Disaster Recovery"
Error 127: Out of disk space The boot track for the host SERVER could not be written to Media:2 in device HP C7438A (Serial Number HU10719NC2)
c. How would you check if everything backup 100%?

Thanks a lot!

Server model:
Intel Pentium
4 CPU 2.4GHZ
1GB Ram

Operating system:
Microsoft Windows 2000
Service Pack 3

tape drive model, attach method, firmware level:
HP C7438A (Serial Number HU10719NC2)
Firmware, dont know

backup application being used, and version:
Data Protector Express 3.10-sp4
D Lancaster
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector Express 3.10-sp4

Hello Samuel,

In answer to your questions.

a. The items listed are the 23 objects that were selected that were not backed up and the reson is given (usually file busy).

b. YES this is VERY important to fix. Most likely cause is the volume where you installed Data Protector Express is running out of space and did not have enought room to generate the DR file. You should have at least 2GB free. If not, your backup will eventually fail.

c. You can select the job option "Log All" instead of the standard "Log Failed" and see exactly which files were backup and which were missed. Not usually advised other than for proving you have the right selection criteria.


Re: Data Protector Express 3.10-sp4

Hello Dave

First of all thank you very much for your help!! (not the 1st time!)

a. ok

b. is it the same as back in January?

the error doesnt show up anymore b/c I've moved the files as described on the site you referred to. So I am a little confused.. (anyway I've got enough space on c: now... and the error didnt show up for yesterdays backup)

c. So I need to change the Log options before the backup to get all the information is that right? (I cannot look at "Log All" if it wasnt set till now?)

d. Do you suggest to Auto verify at the end?
Does it matter if the auto verify is still on after starting to work on the backuped files?

Again thanks a lot for your help!