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Data Protector Express 3.10sp4 & OV Open files Option & Symantec AV CE 10.0 issues

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Data Protector Express 3.10sp4 & OV Open files Option & Symantec AV CE 10.0 issues

Dear All,

We were flawlessly using Data Protector Express 3.10sp4 on Proliant ML370G2 server for long time. The server is acting as DP Express domain server and has an tape drive attached locally on it.

Once we bought and installed the HP OV Data Protor open file option, we are experiencing issuess with Data Protector Express.

For example, I can not stop the backup job. The DP Express GUI hangs immediately after doing that. The same is with manualy run of an backup job. Or with editing the backup selection. When the GUI hangs, it is impossible to log on to the data protector express domain. The only way is to restart whole server, service cannot be stopped (it hangs with "stopped" service status in Service Control Manager). Any try to kill the dpwinsdr.exe using task manager or other process kill tool results in "Access denied" error.

I tried to list these directories both in the OFM and SAV ignore/exclude list. Aldo tried to set up SAV Auto protect to only scan created files and not backed up files.

When I uninstall SAV or OFM, everything is working fine. For example DPExpress + OFM = works. DPEXpress + SAV = works. DPEXpress + OFM + Symantec = not working.

Server is running Windows 2000 Server with SP4.
There is an Proliant Support Pack v 7.60 (upgraded from old Compaq Support Pack) installed.

Data Protector 3.10sp4 has the lastest available patch applied.

We are using the Open File Manager build 9.6 from St. Bernard. Tried also the 9,4, 9,5 versions from HP. Tried using agents both from HP and ST. Bernard (DP Express Agent).

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10.0 has the program components version installed (signatures version 13.3.2007 rev 18).

When I tried to install the same environment on the hand-build worsktation PC, I was a little more successfull, I had an working DP Express + OFM + SAV setup. When I set up these components on the mentioned Proliant I still experienced issues.

I suspect the Compaq Agents (upgraded to HP Agents) from PSP or other difference between these two systems. But I can not confirm or deny this because of missing any debug info from DP Express (messages in the log is same in the working as well as on the hanging system).

Can anyone help or confirm this?

Any help, suggestions will be very appreciated.


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Re: Data Protector Express 3.10sp4 & OV Open files Option & Symantec AV CE 10.0 issues


I have a similar problem with HP ML370 G3 servers running Win 2000 SP4. It seems that the OFM (open file manager) does not like the presence of Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 (RU5). When SEP is installed, the event viewer fills up with OFMdrv.sys errors when backup starts I also get a lot SRV errors that tell me the non paged memory pool is empty. The server will eventually crash (or we reboot it in the morning).

We use OFM 9.6 (and DP 5.5). We actually upgraded from OFM 9.3 to 9.6.

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

Kind Regards,

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Re: Data Protector Express 3.10sp4 & OV Open files Option & Symantec AV CE 10.0 issues

Hi ,


If You  ask this one over in the DataProtector Category in the following link:

The experts there will have some suggestions for you.
Hope this helps.