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Data Protector Express 5.01 Hangs

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Data Protector Express 5.01 Hangs

Goodmorning all,

my HP Data Protector Express 5.01 on Windows Server 2008 R2 standard hangs when I try to check a file or a folder to restore, choosing it from the filesystem catalogue.

If I create a restore job, for example, I can expand all the filesystem tree of all the backed-up servers but when I try to check a file or a folder the application (GUI) hangs and the service is freezed, too.

I have to kill the process from task manager (end dpwinsdr.exe process tree), then start the HP Data Protector service and reopen the GUI.

Trying to debug what is happening with procmon I noticed that the last op for dpwinsdr.exe is "Thread Create", but I can explain this result.

Thanks in advance




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Re: Data Protector Express 5.01 Hangs

Hi Korgolo

The issue is with displaying a large number of objects in the User Interface (UI). This is a known issue with DPX not being able to open a single file in the selection box when the folder containing them has a very large quantity of the files.

The recommended workaround available for this issue is:

Do not save about a million files into the same folder. Instead, spread them across multiple folders and that will help DPX to back up and restore those files normally.

Backup of the complete folder with more than a million files is possible when the complete folder is selected. In case of restore, if only selected files out of this folder have to be restored, they can be selected through CUI administrator and then running a restore job.

The CUI administrator can be found at <DPX install folder>\data protector express\dpwincui.exe . Run this program and this will start the DPX Character User Interface. From here, the user can find files in the container\folder and so will be able to restore as required.

More information required in this regard is available in HELP menu in the GUI.

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Re: msl6030 como cableo la libreria con uno y con dos lto2


En este enlace tienes la informacion general de como conectarla:


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