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Re: Data Protector Express 5 Corrupted Catalog

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Data Protector Express 5 Corrupted Catalog

Hi everybody,

i have this backup server:

Proliant DL360G5 with Windows Server 2003R2 and Data Protector Express 5, attacched to an HP LTO3 Autoloader as below


Autoloader Information Serial Number MXA030Z33P Product ID 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR Currently Installed Autoloader Firmware 3.50 / 2.40n Bootcode Firmware Revision 0.80 Barcode Reader SE625 Autoloader Mode Automatic, Random WWide Node Name 50014380032F0C98 Autoloader Controller VersionLCM 1.1


Two days ago the DPX's catalog was corrupted.
Following the automatic procedure i was able to rebuild it. (stopping the service and adding the line rebuildDatabase=Yes into the .ini config file)
after a successfull rebuild I've done a complete backup of the catalog and reinstalled the server with latest drivers and Windows SP.
I've done a new installation of DPX5 and restored the catalog.
Everything goes fine but now when i simply try to move a tape from a slot to another i get the same error "catalog corrupted".
Our catalog is about 8GB on NTFS drive with 90BG of free space.

In attach the dptrace.txt file
Which way can i resolve this issue?

Thank you all


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Re: Data Protector Express 5 Corrupted Catalog



the error reported in DPX - error 1614 is complaining towards an issue with the hardware. will recommand to run a Assesment test using Library and tape tools and then create a support ticket of the copmplete autoloader. Share the log so we can confirm on the hardware


hope this helps



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