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Data Protector Express 5 Disaster Recovery Problems

Andreas Bischoff
Occasional Contributor

Data Protector Express 5 Disaster Recovery Problems


I have a Windows 2003 Server and two Windows 7 workstations.

Backup using an 8 slot LTO-5 autoloader works fine, but Disaster Recovery seems to be a problem:


1) Workstation DR: I created a bootable CD and booted a workstation from it.

Trying a restore, I don't see the tape library connected to the server as a source for the restore job. Therefore the restore is not possible.


2) Server DR:

I'm unable to create a bootable CD for the server, all I get on the CD is just one file

>dir F:
 Volume in drive F is DRBOOT
 Volume Serial Number is 0BEC-04E6

 Directory of F:\

25.08.1999  17:18        11'526'656 IMAGE.DAT
               1 File(s)     11'526'656 bytes
               0 Dir(s)               0 bytes free


The workstation CDs content to compare:

>dir f:
 Volume in drive F is CD_ROM
 Volume Serial Number is C173-D438

 Directory of F:\

21.05.2011  13:42    <DIR>          BOOT
21.05.2011  13:42           333'203 BOOTMGR
21.05.2011  13:42           546'872 BOOTMGR.EFI
21.05.2011  13:41    <DIR>          EFI
21.05.2011  13:41    <DIR>          SOURCES
               2 File(s)        880'075 bytes
               3 Dir(s)               0 bytes free


Any ideas what goes wrong?