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Data Protector Express 5

Hello all.


I'm having a problem with a fresh installation of Data Protector Express 5.


The issue is apparently simple, but it's driving me mad.


What happens is that I create a new daily schedule confiured to run repeatedly from Mon-Sat at 11pm.


As soon as I complete the wizard DPExpress show the Next Run Time correctly, but then when the time comes nothing happens and the Next Run Time changes to Scheduled Now.


At this point on, the job simply does nothing.


I configured, reconfigured, tried new jobs and even so the only way to run a backup job is to do the Run Now.


I don't get any log errors, and no feedback whatsoever.


That's why I am here, because this is my first time with DPExpress 5, and I've been using DPExpress since 3.5 and never saw anything like this.


I've seen lots of errors and problems, but plain nothing like this never happened.


I have to licenses and I'm doing backup to 1 Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2 Windows SBS2011.


Any help is appreciated on this matter.


Thank you in advance.