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Re: Data Protector Express Basic — Schedule mix-up after DST


Data Protector Express Basic — Schedule mix-up after DST



We are running Data Protector Express Basic on our Windows Small Business Server 2003; Data Protector Express 3.50 sp1.


I have set up a backup which runs at 23:00 and is scheduled to


  • Day - Incremental backup - 10 sets - runs every weekday(s)
  • Week - Differential backup - 8 sets - runs every week(s) on Thursday
  • Month - Full backup - 6 sets - runs every month(s) on 1st Thursday
  • Year - Full backup - 2 sets - runs every last day of the year

Last year we didn't experience any problems with this schedule, but on April 4th 2013 the schedule someway got mixed up resulting in a failed backup. Last Thursday the expected backup failed once again and I've now found out it to be related to Daylight Saving Time. On both occasions it was the first Full backup (first Thursday) after the switch from/to DST.


We store our media Off-Site, using a list to retrieve the correct media needed for each weekly/monthly/yearly backup. As we do not have the correct media at hand I need to stop the running task and let the next daily backup take its turn.


What could be the origin of this problem and how can it be solved?


Server time is set to GMT+1 with automatic adjustment for DST.


Kind regards,





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Re: Data Protector Express Basic — Schedule mix-up after DST

We are probably not going to be able to help you on this Forum, which for the full version of Data Protector, and despite the similiarities in the name, bears no elements in common with Data Protector Express


I don't know if there is a forum for Data Protector Express, I looked for one, but, couldn't find one


You will probably need to open a case with the response center, but be very clear that it is for Data Protector Express, and not Data Protector

Eblyn Solis
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Re: Data Protector Express Basic — Schedule mix-up after DST

Hi Johan,


HP sold this product for a while and now it gives support this company:

try with them, although this product comes with the purchase of any tape drive, the support does not giveby  HP.
If you put your serial number on this page:

will instruct you to update the software and gives you the option of this new provider.








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