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Data Protector Express Error: 15

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Data Protector Express Error: 15



I need to automatically login “Administrator” user after boot up, because I need some programs to run after system startup. Auto login was achieved by Microsoft’s program “Autologon for Windows v3.01” (

It can also be achieved by adding some keys to system registry, but the program basically does the same.


Since the password must not expire for this to work, I’ve changed the Administrators password to never expire in Active Directory.


Everything worked OK, but since then Data Protector Express doesn’t work. In every backup job I get: “Error 15: The name is invalid”. I believe this has something to do with authentication for the backup job to run. Cannot find in DPE any setting like system user, witch should be used for the backup job, or something similar. “Advanced Domain Security” is disabled in DPE.


I backup files, system state and SQL database.


New job, new to Data Protector, so please help. I’ve inherited everything from the previous administrator. It’s not very comfortable to have no backups of data!


Used version: Data Protector Express Single Server Edition v.

OS: Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2




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Re: Data Protector Express Error: 15

Hi Pokarel,


the simpler way to keep the Data Protector Express (DPX) logged in when the system restarts is

-- keep the service of DPX in Automatic mode

-- on your windows Task bar, a small Quick access icon of DPX would be created when you install the application. Right click on it - settings - you will have a check box " Automatically start Quick access when OS starts" check that box and it will keep the application running in the back ground

-- schedule you jobs and they will be running as required.


Since you are new for the DPX application i will recommand to refer to the user guides available at the below link when you have some spare time and it should be able to address your doubts



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Re: Data Protector Express Error: 15



Thanks for the replay. “Some” application that I needed to run was not DPX (DPX is running as service and scheduling jobs good).


I’ve found out some thing. Error 15 has nothing to do with authentication. Before backup DPX makes a list of volumes. There can be a broken volume that causes the problem.


Sample dptrace.log entry:


Location:YB::YVolume::GetUniqueVolumeNameForPath:\DPX5\YosemiteBackup\sup++\win\yvolume.cpp:868 Description:'Nazwa pliku, nazwa katalogu lub składnia etykiety woluminu jest niepoprawna.  '

08/01/2012 1:28:34 PM Exception - Original: 15 - 0x0000000f Mapped:15 Location:YB::YVolume::BuildVolumeList:\DPX5\YosemiteBackup\sup++\win\yvolume.cpp:1029 Description:'The name is invalid'

(Polish language OS version).


For me the problem was caused by TrueCrypt – I’ve mounted an encrypted volume that wasn’t properly unmounted. The GUID of that volume was still visible on the OS, but the mount point didn’t exist.


When you run “mountvol” form command line you will see a GUID witch mount point is:

“The system cannot find the file specified.” – that’s the problem.


Mostly after reboot the broken GUID is gone and everything is working.

Don’t know how to remove a broken, non-existing GUID while system is running – that would be some thing useful.


Also found out that DPX is really a branded version of Yosemite Server Backup.