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Data Protector Express SSE - Error 4422: The device is no longer attached

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Data Protector Express SSE - Error 4422: The device is no longer attached

Hi together,

hope you can help me and can give me some hints.

We are using in one of our branch offices a Proliant dl380 G5 (OS: W2K8 32Bit Standard, 4GB RAM) together with a StorageWorks Ultrium 1760 SAS backup device and with it the delivered Data Protector Express SSE (build 43064, ver. 4.00-sp1).

The backup device got corrupted previously and it had to be replaced (there was still guarantee on it) by the same model. Since then backup job and other DPXpress jobs are not working correctly any more.

In most of the logs I receive "Error 4422: The device is no longer attached" although via the Storage Works library and tape tools the device is detectable. Also according to windows OS device manager it is visible. So I guess it must plugged in correctly!
I also see a "Error 1040: No devices specified or all devices are now offline" message in the DPXpress log but the device is up and running according to the backup software.

I already restarted the server, the device, installed the newest StorageWorks library & tape tools application and re-installed the DPExpress Service. We also changed the LTO 4 tapes against blank and new ones.

The only hint I saw in a previous log were SCSI communication problems which caused the DPXpress terminated backup job. Also a LTO Drive Assessment test terminates after some time because of an unspecific problems ("Some problems were found that could be due to the test tape").

Thx for your responses.

regards Dirk