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Re: Data Protector Express and Quantum DAT 160

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Data Protector Express and Quantum Dat 160



we are running Data Protector Express Single Server Edition 4.00 sp1 (Build 43064) with a HP Dat160 Tape Streamer.  Due to a malfunction I borrowed a Quantum Dat160 Tape streamer. When I attach it Data Protector reports "Fehlerstatus 1406 nicht unterstütztes Gerät" which in English should be something like "Errror 1406 Device not supported." In the Windows Server 2008 R2 Device Manager the drive shows up with no errors. DPE also reports  "License state: not licensed" for this device.



According to HP's Compatibilty Matrix this combination should work.


May be someone has a hint to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance



Sorry, English is not my native language



Dennis Handly
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