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Data Protector Express and media errors

Dina Edwards
New Member

Data Protector Express and media errors

Hi ~ I am trying to set up DPE on a Server 2008 box to no avail. I continually get media errors. The errors I receive are 4038 and 1400 ~ either stating the media is not recognized/not ready or more recently simply that it's the "wrong media."

I have tried bothe methods of formatting the tape prior to setting up and attaching it to a backup job. And, I have tried creating the job first and letting it automatically format it (which is recommended in the manual).

I am not finding any help in the manual or online.

If anyone has encountered this issue and has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciate.

Side note: The tapes are brand new. I have downloaded the newest driver for my tape drive.

Thanks in advance,