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Data Protector Express daylight-saving issues?

awl seldd
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Data Protector Express daylight-saving issues?

Does anyone have similar problems recently?

I have two backup servers in two separate places, both with Data Protector Express SSE 3.50-sp2 build 34497 installed. The tape drives are different (LTO2 and DAT72).

I use Daily Append rotation type on both servers (Friday: full backup, other days: incremental backup). At the first place, incremental backups are done on the weekend also.

On yesterday morning I looked at the logs to check the weekend backups. I saw that the last incremental backup was failed on Sunday.

According to the logs, Data Protector Express wanted to backup all the selected files from the server to the media a g a i n (the backup mode was incremental!), so the tape got full before the task was completed. (The size of the full backups are bigger than the half capacity of the media.)

I've just couldn't imagined what happened and why.

Today (Tuesday) I saw that the other backup server did the same thing on yesterday evening. Here I don't make backup at weekends, the first incremental backup after the last (full) backup takes place on Monday.

Daylight time began on Sunday. After it the first incremental backups were failed at both places.

I can't find another explanation for these issues. But why is this happened?