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Michael Psencik
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Data Protector Express

I've got a back job that is using GFS-20 rotation type. It puts each daily backup on a separate tape, but I would like all the daily set (for a given week) to go to a single tape. I.E. start with a new tape on Monday and then have Tues, Wed and Thurs append to the same tape.
Additionally I often need to run a special backup job and would like to append it to a tape that already has data (such as the daily tape I just mentioned).
Can DPE do this?

Re: Data Protector Express

Data protector not particularly good in this respect. The V3.4 SP2 has a new standard bacakup but stupidly they don't allow you to do the obvious option only a 4 week rotation. They need to add one so that one can have a monthly backup routine for Week,1,2,3,4,End of Month with Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur appening to the weekly tapes. However now that I see that you have to pay for the upgrade to V4.0 I can't see them doing this as I assume they have given up on SP3.5.