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Data Protector express 3.10

Anit Kumar Jha
Occasional Visitor

Data Protector express 3.10

1/8 autoloader Ultrium 3 LTO ,
5 - 800 Gb catridges...
Need to use 3 cartridges... for hourly incremental backups. and daily backups.
2 cartridges for weekly full backups...
But the DP is asking for new tapes after hourly backups and incremental backups...
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: Data Protector express 3.10

Make sure the autoloader is in Random mode by using the front panel of the autoloader. If you see an SEQ on the front panel this means it is operating in sequential mode and will not allow the software to utilize the device correctly.

Also in DPX you need to make sure you have chosen the correct backup type... full backups, append to all, overwrite all.

Please elaborate on the issue so I can better assess what exactly is happening.