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Data Protector express 4.0 licensing problems

Michael Hildreth
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Data Protector express 4.0 licensing problems

I have had a data protector running for a few months with relatively few problems.

Running from 1 server with 9 remote agent licence packs loaded.

Recently I had to add 2 more servers , so I purchased an additional 3 licence pack and installed it.

the servers had been backing up fine for a few weeks but now they both take a very long time before failing and the error logs seem to specify error 131 instance is not licensed for those 2 new servers.

my Network catalogue shows 10 machines total
and my licensing tab shows 12 network agents + the server licence.
does anyone know what might be going on?
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Re: Data Protector express 4.0 licensing problems


Sorry for the delay in responce..

We have seen this error in some cases where the DPX version installed on the DPX backup server and the clint servers doesn't match. Even if there is a mismatch of the Revision, this will happen.

DP Express 4.X has a new feature added, enabling which will update te clint installation automatically after any change in Backup server installation.

To configure automatic upgrade

1. Display the Administration menu and select Configure Backup Server.
2. Select Client Upgrade Options.
3. Select the check box to Enable automatic upgrade of clients.
4. If you want the client to downgrade to an earlier version, you must explicitly select Allow downgrade if older build installed on domain server. Otherwise, the client will only automatically upgrade to a newer version.
5. Set the Max number of active upgrade downloads value to the maximum number of clients that can be upgraded simultaneously. This allows you to limit the number of concurrent updates based on your network traffic and bandwidth.

During an automatic client upgrade, the installer will close any running Data Protector Express Administrator and Quick Access taskbar icon. The client is marked as offline during the upgrade process

Hope this helps



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