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Data Protector licensing in a SAN

64 Haldor
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Data Protector licensing in a SAN


we already have following licenses for our 9 slot SCSI library with one drive:

- Cell Manager for Windows / Linux
- Direct attached tape drive for Windows / NetWare / Linux
- On-Line extension for ONE Windows / Linux system

Now we got a new library, fiber channel/SAN, 2 drives, and 2 Netapp filers (around 4TB to backup each).
What new licenses would we need?
So far I understand, we need:
- 8x B7022BA Direct Backup Using NDMP for 1 TB
- additional 1x B6963AA Drive Extensions for Windows / NetWare / Linux

Or do we now need 2x B6953AA (Drive Extensions for SAN / UNIX / NAS)???

Thanks, regards,
D Lancaster
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Re: Data Protector licensing in a SAN

Hi Christian,

I've been away from DP for a few months now and my brain is starting to push all the DP stuff way into the background but in general, yes you will need the SAN licenses. There is a forum dedicated to Omniback/DataProtector at:;HP-FORUMS-S-WPA-IDX=HFRpyLn8yvvHWY9Qhyp3bnphvGl7WLhMZly8wh4LT6PlBgKtJhLL!-309461031!646879252?categoryId=251&admit=109447627+1199919518744+28353475

They can give you a more complete answer there.