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Data Protector password

Don Ward
Occasional Contributor

Data Protector password

I am running Data Protector Express on a ProLiant M1350 sever and made a rookie mistake: I reset the "ADMIN" password and I don't know what I keyed in. Is there anyway to reset the password for the "ADMIN" user?

Thanks for the help with this
Russell C. Smith
Valued Contributor

Re: Data Protector password

Unfortunately, your only solution here is to uninstall and re-install Data Protector Express. For security reasons there is no way to reset the admin password outside of the DPX application.

If you have been using DPX for a while and have performed "Backup Local Machine", "Backup all Servers", "Backup all Workstation" or "Backup all Machines" backup jobs then with your latest backup you can restore your DPX catalog back to the state when your backup was performed. For "Backup Specific" backup jobs, if you did not specify to backup the DPX catalog you will need to manually import your backup media to re-add it to the DPX catalog. If you have no backup job that automatically backed up your DPX catalog you will need to manually import all your backup media and re-setup all your backup jobs and schedules to rebuild your DPX catalog. It's a good idea to periodically backup your catalog for events like these.

This is also a good opportunity to test recovering some of your data so I also recommend that you perform a few small test recoveries just to ensure it works.

Hope this helps,