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DataProtector 5.5 - Barcode disapear.

Occasional Visitor

DataProtector 5.5 - Barcode disapear.

Since few weeks, barcode are no longer write in the media description. The "Barcode reader support" and "Use barcode as medium label on initialization" options are selected.

Someone have an idea ?
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: DataProtector 5.5 - Barcode disapear.

Since you have posted this to the library forum most replies here will probably focus on the library side of things. From that perspective it is really easy to determine if the library is reporting barcodes correctly. Download L&TT from and use it to pull a support ticket from your library (support ticket tab, retrieve device data, view support ticket).

In the "Catridge Inventory" section you can view all the full/empty drives and slots. If the full slots show barcodes then the library is scanning them correctly and returning them to the host correctly. L&TT uses exactly the same command to read the barcodes as DP. The options to that command are slightly different but both DP and L&TT set the option for "report barcodes".

If you rule out the library then you might try posting your question in the DP specific forums. I know the basics about checking for use barcode but you have already done those.