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[Dataprotect bricklevel] some mailboxes generate timeout

Wouter Smeltekop
Occasional Contributor

[Dataprotect bricklevel] some mailboxes generate timeout


We currently have an MSL6030 library to back up our exchange 2003 server aswell. We have configured both a full exchange store backup aswell as a full bricklevel backup.

The exchange store job runs fine; the bricklevel job also runs okay but some mailboxes generate the timeout message:

[Major] From: "DAILY AMS BRICKLEVEL + OFFSITE" Time: 08/10/2006 1:09:16
[61:1002] The OB2BAR Backup DA named "Single Mailbox" on host
reached its inactivity timeout of 7200 seconds.
The agent on host will be shutdown.

The backup seems to be running fine and then suddenly it stops and waits 7200 seconds. Then it cancelles that mailbox and continues with the next one. This seems to be the scenario on 3 of our mailboxes and it happens each time the bricklevel is run.

There are no further error messages, just the timeout out of the blue.

Any suggestions?

PS: While you're at it could someone have a look at this thread aswell because the problem still hasn't been solved?
Wouter Smeltekop
Occasional Contributor

Re: [Dataprotect bricklevel] some mailboxes generate timeout

additionally, exchange 2003 is configured on a dual DL360 Win2k3 cluster..