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Dataprotector 6.0 performance nightmare


Dataprotector 6.0 performance nightmare

We are running a mixed Netware/Windows/Linux environment with DataProtector 6 (fully patched) with two tape drives and an MSA20 as disk storage for virtual tape backup's. The ell manager with the disk and tapes attached is running on HP hardware (DL360) with enough CPU and memory.

Performance has been an nightmare, and to me it looks like DP can't handle simultaneous disk acces for more than 2 disk writers in combination with the two tape drives (so more then 4 backup's running in parallel from different clients).

Is the anyone who has experienced the same issues and who can tell me what the solution was (other then getting another backup solution ;) )
Dennis Handly
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Re: Dataprotector 6.0 performance nightmare

You might want to ask your question in the Data Protector forum, Management software > OV Omniback/Data Protector: