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Re: Dataprotector Express SSE - Error code 59 (0x3b)


Re: Dataprotector Express SSE - Error code 59 (0x3b)

Eventually I found the link where all the error codes are listed

While reading the article about specifically our case, I spotted the line


Even though it was in the section about All-in-one solution but I checked my config - and yes, it somehow was set to no. After changing it to 'Yes' and restarting DPX service everything got back as it was.

But have no clue how that setting was changed because it stop working just without any notice.
André Noordermeer
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Re: Dataprotector Express SSE - Error code 59 (0x3b)

Great show !
Same thing here. I corrected the setting, restarted the service and all is smooth again. I started a manual backup right away.
Thanks a lot.


============ quote of docs (near bottom of relevant section)

6. Data Protector Express may fail to start with "Service not found" error in a AIO (All-in-One)
Check the dpconfig.ini file at C:\Program Files\HP\Data Protector Express\config. In particular, the isDatabaseServer setting should be Yes.
============ end quote
Don Y
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Re: Dataprotector Express SSE - Error code 59 (0x3b)

Many thanks to AURELIJUS for the link to the error codes. Sure wish I had seen that information earlier!Since my actions in the absence of the error code information included removing and reinstalling, I may have been stuck doing all that work anyway. But the point about the "IsDatabaseServer =Yes" may have saved me alot of work. I found this parameter missing as well as several other entries that are in the "configuration" section. Now that I have it working again, I'll think I'll take hard copies of what is in the "dpconfig.ini" so
I'll know for next time! Ironically, If I had a backup system that was working, I could have recovered the corrupted .ini
preston carter
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