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Re: Dataprotector Express delete Jobs

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Dataprotector Express delete Jobs

I am using Dataproctector Express..what happens to the "Media" if we delete the "Job" they are in.
And if the Media are in the "Admin" folder instead of under the "Job" will they still be deleted when the "Job" is deleted?
I do not see an answer to this question is either manual.
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Re: Dataprotector Express delete Jobs

I have the same question...

As far as I could test, specifically on a restore -> specific  job, if the original job that made the backup on the tape was deleted, then you can't do the restore. There was some hint in the error message and the user manual that if a job name does not correspond to that on the tape, then the job can't be done.


Which is a pretty easy way to lose your data then. If the computer crash and everything need to be restored (talking about data through a backup -> specific  and then restore -> specific job) then you can't do it since the original job description file of some sort, doesn't exist anymore. This defies the purpose of that backup.


I truly hope this is not the case; maybe we're wrong. Otherwise the equipment is useless to us since wee need the bacup end restore specific methods to backup our NAS drives...