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Density Select Tool

Anthony Dennien
Occasional Visitor

Density Select Tool

I currently manage a Compaq MSL5026 Tape Library. The library initially came with a 110/220 tape drive and we have recently added a 2nd drive to the library, a 160/360 drive. The issue I have (I have seen other posts here about it) is that any tapes formatted by the new 160/320 drive are unreadable by the 110/220 drive. Tapes formatted by the 110/220 can be read by the 160/320 drive with no issues. I believe these function are by design. Other posts have indicated that one can get around this issue by using the "Density Select" utility which comes packaged with the drive as part of a SDLT kit which provides a way for you to write data cartridges with an SDLT 160/320 drive that are backward compatible with SDLT 110/220 tape drives. The big problem is we did not receive a CD with SDLT Kit utilities with the new drive. I have tried contacting HP support here in Australia and was told that they were not aware of any utility called "Density Select" even though the official SDLT Tape Reference Guide has a whole Appendix Section devoted to the utility!!! ( - Appendix E)

I have searched high and low for this utility from HP's website although it doesn't appear to be available for download. If someone has access to the utility would they please be able to provide a download location or email?
Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: Density Select Tool


Probably you are talking about his tool which is called HPUX Storage works Library and tape tool (HPUX -LTT) -

See also -

Search it with Library and tape tools in itrc and you will get this.

Impossible itself mentions "I m possible"