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Detecting Tape Drives

Gary Holder
Occasional Visitor

Detecting Tape Drives

We regulary purchase travan drives and sometimes on older computers we have
problems with the computer BIOS detecting the tape drive, as in it does not
detect the drive and then the software does not work.

Is there some check I can do on the machine to see if it will take the drive
before we buy it as it's getting to be a problem.



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Re: Detecting Tape Drives

Gary, As I understand your question, some pc's see the tape drives and other
pc's do not, depending on the BIOS version in the PC. If the pc does not see
the tape drive, there would be a question if there is a driver loaded in the
kernal for the tape drive. There must be a driver installed for the tape drive
to be seen. From your description, this seems to be dependent on the BIOS
version, a later BIOS may have/be driver capable. Your check would be on the
pc, not the tape drive.
I would suggest you also post this issue on the Microsoft forum for a software