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Re: Device timeout problems

Miguel Angel Alvarez Ro
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Device timeout problems

We are getting timeout errors from time to time. In recent days we have received six, but by more than three months since we received none. Always the same: for a few days occurs several times and then not reappear for months.
When occurring it leaves the backup job suspended until someone opens the program and accepts the error message, then the task continuous and runs until the end, or it gives the error as much one more time. It is not a cartridge problem because each day of the week a different one cartridge is used, and it is not a cleaning problem because the unit is cleaned every week. The HP diagnostic tools do not indicate any problem. Does anyone know what might be happening?
Backup drive: HP DAT 160i USB (AG908AT).
Software: HP Data Protector Express SSE v4.0 SP1.
Host: Supermicro server motherboard X7DVLE, with Intel 5000V chipset; using internal USB headers for connecting DAT unit.
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Re: Device timeout problems

Hi all,

I found the solution for this matter, but i am not sure this is the proper way.

I just edited config/dpdevice.ini and increase the timeout default settings.

timeoutImmediate=600000 ; immediate commands (30 sec)
timeoutCommand=600000 ; general i/o commands (1 min)
timeoutShortMove=600000 ; short move commands (10 min)
timeoutLongMove=1200000 ; long move commands (20 min)
timeoutLongErase=14400000 ; long erase commands (4 hours)
maxCommandRetry=10 ; number of times a command will be
; retried when a bus error is detected

It running successfully.