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Direct Attach MSL6000 with HPUX and Solaris


Direct Attach MSL6000 with HPUX and Solaris

Please your help tell m if is possible to connect directt Attach my librery MSL6000 with a NSR E1200-FC with an equipment HPUX and an Equipmente Solarys

What will be the configuration for this
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Direct Attach MSL6000 with HPUX and Solaris

You cannot attach the nsr to two different server (hp-ux and solaris) in the same time because this nsr have only one FC port, then Point-to-Point connection can only be connecte to one host.
To know if you can build a specific config, you need to know all the components involved, not only the os. The backup application, the HBA model etc... have to comply to the matrix.
Iyou want to know if the configuration you want to build is supported, here is the compatibility matrix:
and the design guide, full of all you need:

the main link foe Enterprise Backup is here: