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Disk and File information

Eric A. Langenderfer
Occasional Contributor

Disk and File information

Our file server contains a lot of small files (excel spreadsheets, word docs, etc.)
The file server is being backed up via our backup server, so the disk's are not on the same SCSI bus. Our master server is a DL-360 with 10k drives mirrored and our file server is a proliant 3000 with 10k drives RAID 5.
I am currently backing up our ghost server which has about 30GB on 25 files, so I will see how the performance works on much larger files. I will update when finished....
Frank Burrow
Occasional Visitor

Re: Disk and File information


Here are a few opinions from your other posting on performance issues with veritas.

One good thing with NEtBackup is that you can script the Block size for the tape drive. This way, you can schedule jobs for different file sizes and use the optimum block size on the tape device.

For example, lets say you are submiting a job on a server that has many small files on it. You might not want to use the default 64k block size for these files; you may want to use a 32k size, etc.

This would be beneficial for large file volumes as well. You could submit the jobs with a 256k block size.

Also, NetBackup has the feature of "multiplexing". This allows multiple clients to backup to the same tape at the same time. This should increase your performance exponentially.

There are many things that can cause you performance issues. A great guide that was written by Veritas whichi is found at:

This might help with your performance issues.

I hope some of this helps......