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Downed Drives with NetBackup 5.1 MP3

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Downed Drives with NetBackup 5.1 MP3

I have a simliar problem to one of the other noters in this forum in that I get downed drives and the tape librbary indicates that a software application did not release the drive.

NetBackup attempts to unload a drive and finds that it can't which in turn downs the drive.

This is a SAN based solution using LT03, MSL6060 e-1200 NSR's. I belive I've taken care of all the usual things such as disabling RSM, using L&TT I've even had a week without problems. Have you folks got any thoughts on this issue.
Claudio Ruzza_1
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Re: Downed Drives with NetBackup 5.1 MP3

-check via library front panel the drives' serial number
-make sure your netbackup media server(s) points their 'drive index' to the correct phisical drive
-in case of mismatch, delete the wrong drives and re-run the NB device wizard

make sure also that your nsr is using STATIC maps (=indexed; do not use auto assigned).
In SAN switches, do not mix tape drives and disks in the same zone. Make a zone for each media server's HBA including the switch ports of the HBA itself and the NSR

Stuart Whitby
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Re: Downed Drives with NetBackup 5.1 MP3

You might be able to find out which software application is holding them using handle.exe from Not 100% sure if it shows \\.\Tape entries though :/

If it indicates that NBU is holding the drive yet NBU says it isn't, you now have evidence to take to Veritas to show them the problem.
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