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Re: Downgrading C5683A firmware

Denis Mante
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Downgrading C5683A firmware

Hello all,
I own a C5683A Surestore for years, and saved data on many tapes using systematic hardware compression.
It was using the C111 firmware version, and worked fine.
I once launched LTT, which told me that C305 firmware was the latest firmware.
Confident, I upgraded my firmware to C305.
Til then, seems that I cannot read all my backups, NtBackup says all tapes are "unrecognizable media", and asks me if I want to format them.
Seems to me that the new firmware hardware compression has changed.
Now I want to downgrade to C111, to read my tapes again because they contain valuable media .
LTT tells me that I need a password to downgrade. What's that password ?
What can I do to get my tapes readable like before ??
Thank you HP if you can help me !
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Re: Downgrading C5683A firmware

I recommend you to call HP Support Center. If you are in US and Canada call +1 800 633 3600 and follow the IVR. If in other country then you can find you local HP Support Phone Center number at

You may email the LTT support team for help too:
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Denis Mante
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Re: Downgrading C5683A firmware

Thn'ku Marcial (at least for the LTT team email).
I've opened a ticket at the Tape&Libraries support.
Seems that the password they give you is kinda time limited, so looks like I can't get it from elsewhere than HP.