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Drive 1 not work in DLT 7000 2/15


Drive 1 not work in DLT 7000 2/15

Hi, I have been working on for almost 1 month. The problem is that I have a DLT 7000 2/15 machine. For drive 1, after I load the tape into it from the control panel, I can't unload the tape from drive 1. But I can do it on drive 2. After I switch two drives(Put drive 1 into drive 2's position, while drive 2 into drive's), the drive 1 can't, but drive 2 can. This means that the drive is not the problem. When I operate drive 1 with 'mc',error occurs. But for drive 2, all operations return normal.
I had replaced drive 1's internal SCSI cable bundle and SCSI interface PCA. No improvement got...

Who can help? Thanks in advance.



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Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive 1 not work in DLT 7000 2/15

Hello Lalo,

If you are using HP-UX, I would suggest you applying the latest SCSI and "mc" patches. But I suppose that you have already done this.

Check the firmware revision of both drives and the picker.

For the picker :

mc -p /dev/ -q

For the drives (with a DLT tape inserted) :

diskinfo -v /dev/rmt/

At last, check with HP support for a replacement.

Good luck.


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Ed Ulfers
Frequent Advisor

Re: Drive 1 not work in DLT 7000 2/15

It sounds like the tape library controlling board has lost some of its basic functionality.
I would suggest getting HP in-house to look at it. Shy of that, if you want to do it yourself:
1) Get the latest firmware for controller (used to be in itrc at individual patches under firmware for tape)
2) If that doesn't solve the issue, you may have a bad driving transistor on the controller board, try replacing it.

Hope this is useful for ideas.
-- Ed Ulfers
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Re: Drive 1 not work in DLT 7000 2/15

Hi, Could you explain more, why you think it is the problem of controller board? why I can operate the drive 2 normally, Isn't drive 2 controlled by this board?

Keep finding is the way.