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Drive 1 stusk tape

Drive 1 stusk tape

Hi there
We are facing problem with the tape library MSA 6030 with 2 drive 460 ultrium fc san enviorments. Often drive 1 stuck tape in it , so the backup has been interrupted. After restatring the library the problem has been stopover .It makes every week friday but the another drive at that time working fine.We install the L&TT but cann't find any problem.

The library generated a error "Fault Code:200F(soft). All HP-UX, Linux and Windows server(hosts) connected to this tape library through the SAN.Please help me for solve the problem.

Thanks and regards

Md.Mazharul Hoque
Flora Telecom Limited

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive 1 stusk tape

you can have this behavior when the drive loose communication with the host. in this case the tape appear stucked because it was set "reserved" from the host, and if the communication has been lost, the only way to recover is a hard reset of the drive, this will clear the flag and allow you to eject the tape.
Now you need to investigate what can cause the host to lost the drive, this may due to several causes, like i/o error on the scsi path, other software polling the device, bad cable or terminator, defective Drive, power issues, etc.

you should check all the environment to identify the cause