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Drive Firmware Mismatch in HP Surestore Tape Libraries

Subburaj K
Occasional Contributor

Drive Firmware Mismatch in HP Surestore Tape Libraries


We have a HP Surestore 2/20 DLT 8000 Tape library, Which has 2 nos of Quantum DLT 8000 LVD SCSI drives with the firmware ver "V020" drive model no is TH8XG.

In that one of the drive had failed, we replaced the failed one with new Compaq 40/80 DLT Drive(HP) with firmware ver "V080- CPA2" of model no TX8XL.

We received the error message like "Drive Firmware Mismatch" on old Quantum Drive hence the FW ver. V020. Then we upgrade the FW for both HP Library and Quantum Drive.

For Library FW upgraded from 1140 to 1600 and for Quantum FW upgraded from V020 to V086.

Now Version mismatch occurs in the newe HP Drive.

But both the drives are working fine.

Kindly help us to settle this also any FW upgrades required pl send the same....
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive Firmware Mismatch in HP Surestore Tape Libraries

The 2/20 library uses DLT drives with "OML3" personality. The drive should therefore only be replaced with a drive with that personality. The "CPA2" personality is for a pre-merger Compaq Library, not a pre-merger HP library.

The CPA2 drive may or may not work correctly. The firmware mismatch is due to the drives having two different firmware revisions. The latest code for the OML3 personality is V86. The latest code for the CPA2 drive is also V86, so it is possible the library might see those as being the same, and not complain about a firmware mismatch.

Note however, that the drive inquiry string is different - for the 2/20 drive it's 'QUANTUM DLT8000', whereas the CPA2 drive has "COMPAQ DLT8000'. I don't know if the library looks at that.

Lastly, the drives do not let you change their personality from one type to another.
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