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Drive Motor Assembly

Dan Lee
Occasional Contributor

Drive Motor Assembly

I need to find a drive motor assembly for a
hp surestore 718 dlt autoloader. Does anyone know how to go about this. I dont have a part number and cannot find one.
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive Motor Assembly

Dan: try

( is the URL for the tape drive subsection, to save you some time).

You will find that HP made a variety of autoloaders, but in your case the 718 is 8 slots, 1 drive, DLT 7000 technology, and you should be able to find some loaders like that. The drive motor will be the same for 8-slot units, regardless of the drive type, as long as they are the same chassis.

That's all I can help with, hope it helps!!

Regards, --bmr
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