Drive error

Alejandro Barquero
Occasional Contributor

Drive error

Since update the firmware to autoloader 1/9(DTL8000),the drive reports a cartridge inside, but this is not true, the drive is empty, How can I do to clear that condition?

Jayesh P. Shah
New Member

Re: Drive error

Hi Alejandro,
Some basic steps that could help you resolve the issue:-

1. Try rebooting the library (pressume, u've already done this)

2. Try to move media from drive to a slot. Since library reports that its drive is full, it might attempt to do this and then realise that drive is actually empty - and update its status accordingly.

3. Try moving a media from slot to drive. If library lets you do this, then as a next step, when you move back the media from drive to slot, the library would report the drive as empty from then on.