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Drive hardware off line

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Drive hardware off line

I am evaluating Veritas Exec Back up version 8.5 with the TL 891 Mini Library Firmware 4.09.

When I start a back up job an error comes back stating Changer mount media error the changer has reported the target drive already has media inserted when trying to mount media. The drive has been set to offline. Please attend to this condition. I respond to OK at this point.
Second error message then comes up is the drive hardware is offline Please confirm that the drive hardware is powered on and properly cabled. I respond OK at this point

There is no media inserted in the target drive when I start the job. I have confirmed this. So for so reason it thinks there is media loaded.

The second problem reverts back to the drive has been set off line.

Does anyone out there have a suggestion or fix for this error.