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During DP backup, Qlogic HBA FC1142SR three LEDs Turned On

Wang Haitao
Frequent Advisor

During DP backup, Qlogic HBA FC1142SR three LEDs Turned On

Hi all,

I need your help please. First I introduce the background below:(see attachment)

DL380 G5 is a DP Cell Manager that runs 32-bit windows 2003 server, two FC HBA(Qlogic HBA FC1142SR, HP P/N: AE311A) separately seat in PCI slot 4 and PCI Slot 5 and separately connect to two san switch. The left san switch connect HP library MSL 6030 and MSA 1000â s one controller. The other san switch connect MSA1000â s another controller.

Now the Problem is after about 20 days work fine, DP long time waiting when issue scan Tape command. The HBA in PCI slot 4 three LEDs turned on. I consult with the HBA manual, this means Power on before of after firmware initialization. And in the device manager of DL380 G5 I cannot found library device(changer/two drives). And in system log, there are many error messages say \Device\Scsi\ql23001, did not respond within the timeout period. And I also checked the left san switch using switchshow command, it shows the port status that links to the HBA(PCI slot 4) is NO_LIGHT. BTW, the san switch is no zoning.

The HBA driver is ql2300, version A couple of days ago before this worse situation occured, I once run HPâ s LTT(Library & Tape Tools), the tools recommend to change driver parameters:

Driver parameters

Current driver parameters value

UseSameNN : 0

Recommended driver parameters value

Qd : 32

Regfdmi : 1

msevtwrkaround : 0

Do I need to update HBA driver and/or change driver parameters? Or the root cause is san switch or library?

Pls give some advice and thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Patrick Terlisten
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Re: During DP backup, Qlogic HBA FC1142SR three LEDs Turned On

Hello Jackie,

you can switch the HBAs to test, if the error occures also with the other HBA. If not, I would recommend to log a call at the HP support to replace the HBA.

Best regards,
Wang Haitao
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Re: During DP backup, Qlogic HBA FC1142SR three LEDs Turned On

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply.

We do many actions at the same time,include:

1.Update San Switch firmware from v5.0.1b to v6.2.1(because of HP recommanded, but i don't think this is the key point);

2.replace the HBA(the one that three LEDs lights) and update HBA driver;

3.Update library and FC interface card's firmware(prior these actions a couple weeks ago, we added a new drive to the library and updated only the old drive's firmware, so two drives have the same firmware version G65W);

4.Confirm the function of the library using LTT(LTT reports the library works normal) ;

5.Confirm the configuration of DP(DP's configuration is right).

So far, it works fine. but i think the HBA is the key point.