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E-712e Crosslink swap time?

Carlos Gonzalez_5
Occasional Contributor

E-712e Crosslink swap time?

For a RFP I have to URGENTLY provide the swap time effect of the crosslink connecting two library frames. I have checked specs, manuals and forums of HP and Quantum and the info is not published !!
Seth Pickett

Re: E-712e Crosslink swap time?

Hey Carlos,

A worst case position move in frame one to a worst case position in frame 2 will be 50 seconds or less. Also below are move times of a swap broken down to each move...

Pick from bin to CLM: 19 seconds
Frame 1 to 5: 16 seconds
Pick from clm to drive: 16 seconds
Pick from drive to clm: 22 seconds
Frame 5 to 1: 16 seconds
Pick from CLM to bin: 13 seconds

swap (bin -> clm1 -> clm5 -> drive -> clm5 -> clm1 -> bin) = 19+16+16+22+16+13 = 102 seconds
(load of drive not included)