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E1200-320 4G and WWNs

Matthew Tidgewell
Occasional Contributor

E1200-320 4G and WWNs

I am having trouble with the E1200-320 4G router card in the MSL. HP has changed how it works, in the past I would just map SCSI ports to FC ports and the host would see all the LUNs. It appears they have added LUN masking to it. It now requires adding the WWNs for the Ports and Nodes on the Hosts before a host can see the library. I've tried 20000000:xxxxxxxx and 10000000:xxxxxxxx in both fields with no luck. I've read the manual and it is really no help. Does anyone have a document that describes in detail how to set this up?
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: E1200-320 4G and WWNs

I've got some E1200-160s and we've always had to add the hosts to the "Port 0 Device Map". You'll need to add both the port WWN (100000:xxxxxx) and the node WWN (200000:xxxxxx) to the Port 0 Device map. Unmapped WWNs should show up in the as selections in the dropdown menu next to the "Add" button on the mapping page of the GUI. You can edit those once they're added to give them names that make sense. Once the hosts are all in the Port 0 Device Map you just do as you suggest and ensure that all your SCSI devices are mapped to a contiguous block of FC LUNS in that map.