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EML 103 Tape Library

Mahamudul Hassan
Frequent Advisor

EML 103 Tape Library

We have 64 slot licence in a EML 103 tape library. So how can we partition tha tape library for 64 slot and how can we get the maximum read/write speed. Please reply soon.


Re: EML 103 Tape Library

Hi M

By default the library should only have one logical library with all Slots assigned to the the logical Library,It is also possible to configure partitioning thru CVTL under the configuration Tab,Take note that no Partioning information will be displayed if the library is left with default settings.

Please can you advice what Drives you currently have installed in the Tape library aswell as what Backup Software you will be using the maximum amount of Read/write speeds depend on numerous factors.Compression plays a Big role in read/write performance ,As far as im aware there isnt allot you can configure on the Tape Library side to enhance Performance accept enable hardware compression on LTO3 drives this will normally be a ratio of 2:1 once again the performance also depends on the compression Ratio of your Data being backed up.
Fine tuning can normally be done on the application side to enhance performance.