EML 103 problem

Richard Koenders
Occasional Contributor

EML 103 problem

The EML103 won't initialize:

Under the library status section we get the following error:

Library critical – one or more library components are not ready
Robotics critical – library failed to initialize

The robotics has a red light on the display and the robot does not run its course through the inventory as it should. After switch on the robot moves down then it appears to rotate then stops and remains in that position at the bottom of the library.

Here are the codes under the critical section in the error log:

Error 0100,3717 lfmInitthread :Failed to initialize reason = robot initialize failed – GOING INOP

Error 0000,0000 Director –initresponse () initialize : failed init of reach and grip

Under the Warning logs we get the following, there are a few of these

Warn,0000,3305, IFM drive event and library state is unknown

Can somebody help?


Re: EML 103 problem

Hi Richard,

I have a few questions about the issue:
- If you open the front door, is there anything obstructing the Robot's movement like a media around or so?

- Which is the correct firmware version?

- Library Controller has a red LED?
Richard Koenders
Occasional Contributor

Re: EML 103 problem

We just found out that the flatcable connected to the robot was damaged. Ordered a new one, so problem is solved. Thank you.