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EML 103e restore job has Problem


EML 103e restore job has Problem

Dear Sir or Madam,


 I've got the EML 103e with this  configuration that I attached to this Mail . My  problem is related to Drive number four .

I took the backup with Drive four and the capacity of my data is 50GB so it took the backup around half and hour but in restore point the restore job that I created on Data Protector stock on 20GB or goes up in less speed and after two or three hours It failed so I check it this media with another drive and booth job completely done then I guess it is better to upgrade all Drive with latest firmware so after this the problem still here I upgraded the NSR too and checked all drive with library and tape tools and the result was GOOD.

I can't believe the drive take the backup and can't restore it .

Please let me know how can I resolve my problem.


Alborz Mahmoodi