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ESL 712e SAN Connection

Graeme Wood

ESL 712e SAN Connection

I have a 712e library with 1 driver cage and four LT04 drives....what is the Best Practice in terms of how I connect this to the SAN? Would I get the best performance by connecting the drives direct to the SAN switches and also having a single connection to the NSR? Or should the four drives be cabled in to the NSR and then just the NSR connected to the SAN switches? Any advice appreciated as the manuals do not seem to have kept pace with the changes in drive technology.

Thanks Graeme
Honored Contributor

Re: ESL 712e SAN Connection

the NSR routing is not needed here, because the ESL 712e uses Fibre Channel
(4Gb/2Gb/1Gb multi-mode optical) per drive:
Go to the port connection setting of each drive (via the Command View TL) and set Fabric (SAN) attached and
also set the port speed directly according to the SAN switch port to which it is connected. Avoid the auto-negotiate setting, which can lead to the communication problems
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Re: ESL 712e SAN Connection

See if this helps you:

extracted link from this:

Hope this helps!

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