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Re: ESL 712e Tape Library

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ESL 712e Tape Library

we have one ESL 712e Tape Library and currently use HP DataProtector for backups.

We are migrating to a new fabric and will have Networker / Legato running on it. We plan to have one of the storage nodes/cell managers for Networker on each fabric.

Is it possible to partition our ESL so that we can use it with both backup products?


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Re: ESL 712e Tape Library

yes you can use partitioning on this library
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Re: ESL 712e Tape Library

As Marino says, you can set up hardware partitioning on this library. You must have licensed Secure Manager to enable the partitioning function. This will allow you to create up to six virtual libraries from your ESL; each will appear to have a dedicated robot and one or more tape drives.
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