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ESL 712e constantly reboots!

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ESL 712e constantly reboots!

Hi All!


We have an ESL 712e with 2 Drive Clusters and 5 FC Tapes.

We made a Firmeware Upgrade to the latest Firmware.


The Upgrade of the IM Firmware failed, because of a defective CF-Card.

I wrote a new Firmware (ddimage.imax from directly to a new CF Card.

After rebooting the ESL we get the error message "comm failure" from the IM on the OCP.

Cause we are using the Library only for testing and demonstration, I thougt that the IM don't knows the other components.

Because of that I made a Reset to Factory Defaults on the OCP.


After the reset the ESL constantly reboots.

On the OCP the initializing screen appears ans some Minutes later ist say "estaplishing library communication".

After some seconds the OCP says "shutdown in progress" and the ESL reboots.


At watching the serial CLI of the CCB  you can see that the CCB boots up to the login and some seconds later you got an message like "reconf to slave, reboot".

After this message appears the CCB shuts down and reboots the library.


Does any one know what we can do?


Thanks for your answers in advance!